The Joint Corporate Committee on Cuban Claims is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of corporations and individuals with property claims against the government of Cuba, which have been certified by the U.S. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • support the long-standing U.S. policy requiring the Cuban government to return or arrange compensation for U.S. properties seized before full trade and diplomatic relations are restored;
  • and encourage the U.S. government to demand an adequate settlement of U.S. claims.

Since its formation in 1975, the Joint Corporate Committee on Cuban Claims has strongly supported the rights of U.S. certified claimants whose property was taken from them by the government of Cuba.

Consistent with these efforts, the Committee continues to support and defend the right of certified claimants to seek return of their properties or, if that is not feasible or practical, to receive fair and adequate monetary settlement of their claims against the Cuban government.

Remarks by Chairman Wallace


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